Sunday School is a time of group discussion where you can plug in to the church and grow spiritually along side others that are on this journey that is walking with Jesus Christ.

  • Bible Questors Class

    We read through and study books of the Bible, chosen by the class, and apply the lessons to our everyday lives. Our class is mostly 50 years old and above, but everyone is welcome. 

    LOCATION: In the rear of the Chapel building, just up the steps on the parking lot side facing east.

  • Fan Alice Class

    Filled with the saints, this class is made up of some of our senior adults. If you would like to learn more about our class, contact Andrea Chambers at

    LOCATION: As you enter the main building, head down the hallway on your right and the door is right in front of you.


    The members of the Friendship class are a group of about sixty folks with most ranging in age from the fifties to the seventies. Each month we enjoy a social event, which is usually held away from the church, that allows us to socialize and get to know each other better. For more information feel free to contact Butch Talton at

    LOCATION: As you enter the main building, first classroom on your right.

  • Journey Class

    Adults of all backgrounds and ages enjoy this Sunday morning class that is spirit-led and biblically-based. If you would like to learn more about this group feel free to email Larry West at

    LOCATION: On the rightside of the rear of the Welcome Center.

  • 'Merged' Class

    This Sunday School Class is a diverse group of believers, merging from two classes that existed before. 

    We strive to encourage each other as we grow our faith through Bible studies and group discussion during Sunday School. 

    We also enjoy many fellowship outings outside of the normal Sunday class settings as well as witnessing to others through community service projects. 

    LOCATION: On the leftside of the rear of the Welcome Center.

  • Young adult class

    Come check us out as we journey through life together! We do theme studies as well as go through books of the bible, all while we figure out what God has in store for us! Contact Connor Henderson for more info at

    LOCATION: In the rear of the Chapel Building, up the ramp on the cemetery side.