Greetings Bonaire Family and Friends,

Robin and I joined Bonaire nearly 30 years ago. This church has helped raise our two daughters, who themselves now pass on that spirit by volunteering with the middle and high school youth. As you know, Bonaire is about family.


Of course, no one wants to be left behind. We all want this church to continue caring for families. However, our church is at a crossroads in terms of keeping some key items up to date. Therefore, the church leadership, in April, approved a plan by the Board of Trustees to move forward in three phases:

  • First, upgrading our camera security system with a HD-resolution system around all of our campus and installing access control on the front doors, to use during the week when staff are working alone in the building. 
  • Second, upgrading the projectors we use in worship.
  • Finally, putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls where we welcome people every week. 

Each area will have an immediate impact, but we will only tackle them after the money comes in. We anticipate the total cost of these three areas will be around $25,000. Because of the early generosity of some folks, and the stewardship of our church, we have already received $7,200 toward this goal. This is great!


Like most people, we want to give to projects we believe in. My wife and I are going to give a one-time gift above and beyond our tithes. Upgrading our ability to worship and welcome people, and providing a secure place for everyone is important to us. Would you join us? You can give through the offering plate, online, at the giving kiosk, or directly through the church office, marking your gift to the Trustees' Fund


Thank you for making this a great place to worship and be a family.  As the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, we consider the responsibility for our buildings and grounds to be significant. Please speak with me or any of the Trustees for more information.


Yours in Christ,

Bryan Way

Board of Trustees, Chairperson