Why Safe Sanctuaries?

Because there is no greater task for a church than the care of the precious persons God has entrusted to it. Safe Sanctuaries is a set of procedures and policies that seek to protect children ans teens, our volunteers, and our church. 

We require annual training in order for every person to revisit and be clear on how we protect what is most important to us. Thanks for participating and serving God's Kingdom in this place.

The Policy and Addendum

You can download, save, or print the

most current Safe Sanctuaries Policy here.

You can download, save, or print the

most current Addendum Page here.

You will need both of these in front of you as you watch the video


Next steps

Once you have watched the video, fill out pages 7 and 10 of the Policy. 

By signing on page 7, you are affirming that you have watched the video and are committed to following our procedures.

Return the completed pages to the Church Office.

Again, thanks for your part in helping protect and care for our young people. Grace and peace.